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How to run multiple copies of Diablo on one computer
D2Anya - Anya's D2 Item Shop Online / 2009-05-17

Updated 05/02/2020


To run multiple copies of Diablo II, you may use multiple computers to do that of course. Or you may use virtual machines to simulate multiple computers. But you can also do it on one computer. You need one software called Sandboxie and multiple cdkeys.


(1) Install SANDBOXIE


Step One: Go to

Step Two: Scroll down and download Sandboxie 3.44 or the latest version 

Step Three: Once your installer is downloaded, start the installer and click next to everything it asks.

Step Four: When Sandboxie 3.44 or latest version is installed on your computer it should Auto start after installation. If not go to Start > All Programs > Sandboxie > Sandboxie Control.

Then go to the "Help" tab at the main menu & Click Register Sandboxie

Step Five: Creating a new Sandbox
Name your Sandbox whatever you want. No spaces are allowed.


Repeat step five if you need to run more than 2 copies of Diablo at once (eg: Repeat step five three times until you have three Sandbox if you need to run 4 copies of Diablo at once.)

Attention:  Your are only allowed to have 8 instances of Diablo Logged on to on the same IP at once, and only 4 instances of Diablo in the same game room . If you go over the limit, all your Diablos will lock up.

(2) Install multiple Diablo II & Run them in SANDBOXIE

Step One: If you already have Diablo II installed on your computer, close all Diablo game windows and rename the Diablo II folder. for example, from "C:\Diablo II" to "C:\Diablo II - Copy 1"

Step Two: Open Registry Editor (Click "Start" button at the left buttom corner of Windows, type "regedit" in "Search Programs and Files" and press "Enter")


Step Three: Delete 2 entries in Registry Editor, as shown in the picture below:

(1) HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Blizzard Entertainment -> Diablo II

(2) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Blizzard Entertainment -> Diablo II



Step Four: Download Diablo 2 classic and expansion installers from official Blizzard website and install the game with a new set of cdkeys.

Repeat this step 1 to 4 if you need more copies.

Step Five: When your done with steps 1,2,3,4 its time to create Desktop shortcuts to each of your Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3 folders.

Right Click anywhere on your desktop > Select "New" > "Short Cut"

Step Six: Once you have clicked "New" > "Short Cut", Locate the game folders, select Diablo II.exe,
and click "Ok" and then "Next", Name the new shortcut "Diablo 1" and click Finish.

Step Seven: Adding Windows Mode to your Diablo II shortcuts. Right Click your Diablo 1 shortcut and go to Properties and add "-w" at the end.  Repeat this for each shortcuts from all your Diablo folders.

Step Eight: Now its time to run your Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3 shortcuts all at the same time  Right click your Diablo 1 shortcut and SELECT & CLICK "Run Sandboxed"

SELECT the Diablo1 Box and BOOM your Diablo II will start 

Repeat to run multiple Diablo II Clients.

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