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Diablo II Skill Calculator - Skill Planner
D2Anya - Anya's D2 Item Shop Online / 2009-05-21
Skill Planner: v 1.14D
Amazon - Assassin - Necromancer - Barbarian - Paladin - Sorceress - Druid





This Skill Tree Calculator is for D2 version v1.14D (Last updated March/04/2020).


With the newest version, synergy skills are capped at level 20, the same as that of the game. No need to mannually adjust synergy skill levels to 20 if they are greater than 20.


For example, to get the damage of Chain Lightning,




The number may be a little different from that shown in game. It's usually because of the bonus damage from items. For example, Griffon's Eye Diadem adds 10-15% Lightning Damage.


If the Skill Tree Planner is not updated in your browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) because of cache, please press "Ctrl+Shift+R" to force update.

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